Tuesday, September 20, 2011

She's your friend

We got a package from chad's aunt and uncle the other day and there was a cook book, with pictures, in it. That made me quite excited. I looked through it and picked out orange honey bread to make. It worked out. Orange and honey isn't my favorite flavor in the first place but i thought chad would like it. Its a little too crumbly and not the prettiest thing, but it taste pretty good. Im going to try something sweeter tasting next, like cinnamon, banana, or pumpkin. Pumpkin flavored things are top on my list of flavored things..

Also, today i found the best painting i have ever found at DI. Oh goodness i can't stop looking at it. Even the frame is cool. I have to go ask kimberly if she has a nail and hammer we can use so we can put it up in our livingroom. Yes yes, i love it!

And besides that, i am having a hard time being motivated to do my homework. Since all my classes are online everything seems to be blurred together and all the discussion boards seem like the same thing. So.. i think i'll go read my book instead of doing homework like i should be right now. I can't do homework tomorrow?

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