Monday, August 15, 2011

with a melody that climbs and then falls

I was bored on facebook looking through old friends pictures and found this picture of a cute puppy.

After seeing him i then started looking at puppies and puppies and more puppies. I do want a dog so bad. But anyways, i was looking at google and which always has some really cute puppies for sale and i like the options for find specific breeds.

I have been told that my announcements have reached anchorage, valdez, and california. So that is exciting. We have also had 20 views on the website.

I am off to the eye doctor today. And then my mother is making us go to bens elementary school for his class ice cream social. Which i feel like just ben and my mom should go to, but we will see.

Also chad and i realized last night that we have a song. The beginning of this song always brings back early memories so its perfect.

I've also found a new singer i like. his name is Greg Laswell. He kind of reminds me of the same genere as joshua radin.

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