Friday, August 19, 2011

La la la whatever

I've decided I want to make my own curtains for our windows. I've decided I want to make the ones that are sewn around the bar not the type that has hooks that go around the bar, i think those look too much like shower curtains. I think a yellow and white fabric would be cool?

I decided to take some pictures of the wedding stuff so far. Its pretty much all ready except for my dress, which is kind of important.

These are my shoes, ear rings, head band, and bracelet.

My bouquet and two boutonnieres i made. We went and looked at flowers to buy but all the pretty ones i liked were hundreds of dollars, so later when we were at Michaels Arts and Crafts and i was looking at their flower selection i saw a bunch i liked and decided i could make it easily myself. So i did.
The candles x 36. These will go down the little pathway where we are having the wedding ceremony. Even though it wont be too dark in Alaska at 6pm i still think it'll be pretty.

Lastly, here are the brown ties that all the guys will be wearing. My mom made dresses for all the girls which are pretty.. but pictures of them without people in them just aren't that cool.

Chads wooden ring came in today as well. im quite happy with it. Its a good one. I hope he agrees.

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