Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Let me take you there.

My hair is brown again.

Yesterday Chad P. and I were budgeting out our future home experiences. We came across this little zebra couch. It was cute. haha. But no we are not getting it.

There are some very pretty furniture I want at IKEA, I love IKEA. But they only ship to the closest store which is in utah. So that doesn't really work since we don't have a car that could bring it back here to rexburg. But someday, someday I will shop at IKEA.

I've skipped lame capstone class for like 3 weeks now.

We are going to look at an apartment at 4, then going to Idaho Falls.

Engagement pictures on thursday.

I started writing in my cool journal chad got me. Maybe i should stop writing in here perhaps? The problem I'm having is that I want like little pictures or things in the journal but I don't have a printer to easily do that. I have a photo album Im going to start using once chad and I get married too. I've always really really liked photo albums. So im excited for that.

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