Sunday, July 31, 2011

Is he poisonous?

Today is the Sabbath.

I went with chad and his family to church it was fun to be in a family ward again. I am excited to go home, I'm thinking I might go to the singles ward when i go home. That might be fun. I always get tired of being my families ward, its like I know everyone but not really? Its emotionally stressful i guess.

My mom has told me that her, jenna, mary, and kaleigh are all making their dresses for the wedding. So im looking forward to seeing what the pattern is for them and how they turn out. Hopefully good. haha. Here is the pattern that they are making them out of. The fabric is a dark brown and some gold fabric too.

Chad painted my toe nails with permanent marker. They will probably be ugly for awhile now.

Im tired so im thinking about going to my room and read my book in my bed. Maybe fall asleep too.

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