Monday, November 29, 2010

Oh i need you now. the earth fell fast asleep, this room is safe and sound, will you lay here with me?

Went to the dentist this morning at 1. The crown was slightly whiter then my teeth, so they took it away and will give it back in a couple days. sad.

I can't help it but i have to put this other tooth picture to. it makes me want to laugh really hard


I have a math meeting in 7 mins downstairs in the ricks.
I got a nice but stopped too soon of a phone call today from chad parr.
I have to tell him something..
Tomorrow, I am have to talk to Stephany or however you spell it about changing my housing to a monthly payment instead of a really large one payment in 2 days.
Tomorrow, i think i will try to mail chad's christmas present. i will have to try and remember to get his address again. maybe this time the present will actually get to him.
Hey, i just realized i never got an email back about my zumiez package.
im thirsty thirsty.
And its cold outside.
And i think i'll have to type a fake paper again for family foundations. i was suppose to find out the love language of like 5 different people then try to show love in their way to them.. but I forgot to find out different peoples love language and its due today at 5. And i actually thought this one would have been kind of cool to. maybe i'll write the paper then find it out anyways. haha. or not..
i saw thomas in the mc when i was walking to class and stopped and talked to him for a while. it was nice.

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