Wednesday, August 25, 2010

this kind of sucks.

Im just sitting on my couch watching some dexter. Im on to the second episode. Its not too bad. I think i like it. A little creepy. But all right.

I've been thinking about next semester and how sad i am about it. I hope i survive.

Its not fair how things work out sometimes.

im doing my laundry. I don't like doing laundry. I wish clothes stayed clean for forever. I have this one pair a jeans which are my favorite favorite by the way. I like them a lot. I'd wear just that pair if i could.


  1. how do you like dexter still? You still been watching it?? I really really like it! I bought the third season and I'm not really sure I like it as much as the first two...but josh really liked it...anyways

  2. haha.. yes jessica i like it. Im about done with the first season. I totally guessed the bad guy was the doctor boyfriend. I haven't gotten to the part where dexter knows yet. But yeah. Im on a break from it for a little. I wanted to go back to the happy love drama shows for a little haha.