Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Western Family-Raisins-Net Wt 1.5oz

School starts tomorrow.

The other day I went and bought my school stuff, three pens, a spiral notebook, and one hardcover plan page notebook. And then rented my psychology book from this rental place for 50 dollars and also an iclicker for 12.

But, im very excited for class.

Barbara is watching this old school pretty lame cartoon thing. Its funny. but lame.

Its finally nice outside. Im so happy its warm. Like is so awful when its cold. And i've been feeling cold much too often lately.

I tried to get my dvd's from my hard drive onto my computer. It ends up my computer is very small and doesn't have any memory. So its now on chads tiny computer. And now i have to get ito to my computer so i can burn them onto dvds. But now the dvd shrink thing i use to make dvds is no longer like free to download. So right now im looking for a new program.

But its 1:38am. I must go to sleep.

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