Thursday, December 24, 2009

Death Part 1.

I have been back in Alaska now for 2 days. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. It doesn't quite feel like Christmas this year, I think it came to quickly. Its a tiny bit sad, or a little more sad that this year we are not opening presents on Christmas Eve so that Kaleigh, Shaun, and Hannah can come. Hannah is so cute, I really wish she could just come over and I could play with her!

By the way, I think kimberly will be wed someday in the future. Maybe.

I have not watched Muppet's Christmas carol yet, or veggie tales Christmas movie either. That is a must do.

Also, Jeffrey is an amazing gram cracker house maker. We made gram cracker houses for our Last fhe. I little sad day actually, it was the first fhe group I enjoyed.

I went to forever 21 today in the mall, and it is Fantastic! I must go work there, and get discounts. That would be lovely.

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